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A long-established company with more than 60 years of pioneering spirit and the prime father of many welding machines.

Plastic welding technology by WIDOS Wilhelm Dommer Söhne GmbH.
Today a worldwide household name in the plastic welding technology and approved market leader in various fields of application, we have once started from scratch with pioneering spirit and energy as well. Established in 1946 as company Wilhelm Dommer with the main focus on car repair and mechanical fabrication, Armin and Dieter Dommer developed the first pipe welding machines for the treatment of plastic still emerging at that time in 1967. The revolutionary approach of these machines is considered to be the basic concept of practically every equipment that is available worldwide today and has been refined constantly for the workshop, construction site and special applications.

A further milestone has been the first involvement of the CNC technology in welding machines for construction site and workshop in order that we may be somewhat proud to be considered as synonym for groundbreaking developments. The focus on the highest possible welding quality in the important pipe fusion technology and the knowledge of the significance of an optimal equipment productivity guarantee that our machine construction is on premium level providing cooperative reliability.

Logically, WIDOS took this responsibility to not only advance the development of the pipe welding technology but also to create a complete range of tools and implements facilitating and securing their handling. This includes the extensive development of the cutting technology for construction site and fitting production that today covers diameters of over 2 meters.

The permanent improvement of our very successful activities in the field of special machinery construction and individual customer solutions has built a constantly growing technological competence which has found a widespread response in technological areas. Worthy to mention is e.g. automotive, cleanroom and filtration. These interdisciplinary experiences are now for the benefit of all individual domains and our customers and partners know how to appreciate it.

Our company's office and production comply
with the ISO 9001 certification.

Last Update: 24 February 2014