MACO heating element

OD 20 up to OD 3000 mm | construction site | workshop | PE, PP, PVDF | butt welding | manual, weld log recording, CNC

Are you looking for a possibility that your work is productive and energy-efficient? The newly developed plastic welding heating element MACO out of metal foam makes it possible.

MACO is more productive, more energy-efficient, more eco-friendly and more lightweight compared to conventional heating elements. It consists of a high-performance core structure and offers remarkable advantages. MACO, the revolutionary heating element.

The MACO heating element out of metal foam can be used in any manufacturer's current welding machines. The MACO is energy-efficient and eco-friendly and is available for large pipe trench machines as well as workshop machines.

The heating element out of metal foam has a very short heat-up time. Thus, it is possible to carry out more welding jobs per day.