Squeezing device

OD 32 up to OD 63 mm | construction site | workshop | PE, PP

WIDOS plastic welding accessories squeezing device

You are looking for a combined squeezing- and rounding device for PE-pipes diameters OD 32 up to OD 63? Then the WIDOS squeezing device is the right tool for you.

The squeezing device 63 is a device made of steel which is perfect for the squeezing and rounding of PE-pipes.

The squeezing device 63 is a combined squeezing and rounding equipment for PE-pipes OD 32 up to OD 63. The movement of the upper pressure beam is carried out through a threaded spindle with a freewheeling ratchet. The round shape of the pressure and pinch bars prevent damage to the tube.

Due to the spindle drive there will be no subsequent pressing to the pipe which eliminates additional screws.For the rounding of the pinch the rounding shells will be pushed onto the two bars and secured with the thumbscrews. 

The combined squeezing and rounding device will be delivered in a carrying case.