WIDOS 4002 conversion kit

OD 90 up to OD 450 mm | construction site | PE, PP, PVDF | butt welding | manual, weld log recording

Plastic welding machine workshop to OD 450 mm

You are looking for a heating element butt welding machine for the use on the construction site, in the workshop and for installation from OD 90 up to OD 450? Then the WIDOS 4002 with conversion kit is the right machine for you.

The machine is based on a self-supporting frame with precise linear guides and has been optimized for the stationary and mobile use due to the consequent compact construction. The necessary welding forces, motion distances and speeds are controlled manually by means of an universal control lever with separate pressure setting and high-performance hydraulics. For the preparation of the weld, a light aluminum planer is built in with high torque, solid chain drive and exchangeable blades which is easily swiveled between the parts and snaps precisely in the working position. It goes without saying that the chips are removed to the outside.

The WIDOS 4002 with conversion kit is a solid and reliable welding machine for the efficient welding of pipes and fittings out of polyolefines from OD 90 up to 450 mm in limited SDR values. The electronically controlled heating element can be easily swiveled in and is protected against sticking of the pipes by its high-quality anti-stick coating. For the segment production the clamping tools can be swiveled up to 15° and for mismatch compensation axially moved on one side.