Plastic welding machine building site manual weld log recording CNC

Whether it is manual operation, with or without log recording of the fusion quality, or semi-automatic with log recording and weld log evaluation up to a fully automatic system in the serial production, make your choice!

Plastic welding machine building site manual


Our manual machines make it easy to carry out a proper welding of good quality. Taking into consideration the corresponding welding parameters, it is more than easy for an experienced welder to operate the machine.

Plastic welding machine building site weld log recording

Weld log recording

In contrast to the manual welding devices, this variant allows you to log every single welding and evaluate it later. Thus, you will achieve a complete documentation of the welding quality of all welding work.

Plastic welding machine building site CNC


In contrast to the log recording variant, an intelligent software programming leads you through every welding process safely. The device hereby logs each of your weldings. Later on, you can also evaluate all weldings by this data on your computer.